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John Hedges

I have not seen a download for Speech API since Window XP, version 5.1. I think Win dows 10 is version 5.4. A Speech Platform softare was available for phones on a server scenario a few years ago, but not for desktop. I just use the buildt-in voices for Windows, like David.


From: Ibrahim Ajayi
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 8:20 AM
Subject: [nvda] Contact


Hi good people:
I've tried unsuccessfully all day to download the Microsoft speech
platform runtime SPK version 11 software, but with no success.  When I
arrive at the page for the download, the software is not listed among
the files to be downloaded.  Is there a software by that name: does
anyone have it, can anyone mail it to me.
Looking forward to reading from you.
I am Ibrahim Ajayi from Nigeria.

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