Re: when on a web page nvda doesn't select a link


i use only mozilla firefox.
when i press insert+f7 i see the list of links.
use only up or down arrow key to find my desire or i press the first
letter of it.
then, press enter to activate it.
this method always works for me without problem.
God bless you and i hope that my comment helps you.

On 1/25/17, Dejan Ristic <> wrote:
I sometimes happen to encounter it, so I would usually repeat an action
so that it does not fail for the second time. If it is not working for
you, I activate the focus mode, then I tab to the desired link, and then
I press enter, so that I activate the link. If it is to no avail, I play
with different browsers. I also make sure whether a web page is
maximized, so that NVDA is successful in communicating with it.

On 1/25/2017 9:29 AM, Dennis L wrote:

Hi I do insert f7 press activate link and nvda doesn’t click on the
link what am I missing?

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