Re: Resource Monitor add-on version 17.02 released

Gerardo Corripio

Downloading as I write. Thanks for the update! Yes the bug mentioned of errors when just-ejecting a USB was very annoying! Thanks for fixing!

El 26/01/2017 a las 10:14 a.m., Joseph Lee escribió:

Hi everyone,


I’m delighted to announce the immediate release of Resource Monitor version 17.02 (aka 5.0 in the old major.minor scheme). This version fixes a long-standing issue where NVDA may pop up an error dialog when checking disk usage (NVDA+Shift+3) on some systems (particularly those equipped with a card reader).


For those new to NVDA world: Resource Monitor is an add-on that allows you to obtain various info about your computer, including CPU load (how busy your computer’s processor is), how much memory your programs are using, space used on disks, battery status, and current version of Windows you are using. This add-on started out as a hobby project by Alex Hall (contributor to Applvis and a long-time friend of mine) a few years ago. In 2013, I adopted this add-on to let translators translate messages in this add-on, as well as added enhancements and fixes with help from others (in fact, this add-on is the first NVDA add-on I worked on; my first original add-on is Control Usage Assistant, and a final version of that ad-on (the version I’ll maintain) will be released sometime this year).


More info about this add-on can be found at:


Enjoy. More add-on releases to be announced in the next few days.



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