Re: danger, danger nvda

Pete <emac00@...>

Is it?
Do you have facts and so on to prove otherwise?
Untraceable bugs exist in nvda, the danger is in complaisantly thinking all of the bugs are in nvda's code itself.
I am not advocating an upgrade to the latest python version. It was merely a question.


On 3/25/2016 10:19 AM, Patrick Le Baudour wrote:

All this seems very alarmist and very speculative, so, do you have hard facts and bugs examples to back it up ?
What danger are you talking about ? Having bugs ? All applications have bugs, and so far most nvda problems have been corrected or pinpointed to something else.
You might also be telling all this in the wrong place, this is mainly nvda users, not a developement board.

As for technical details, I can't speak for nvda, but in general,afaik, dlls conflicts possibilities have been much lowered since Windows 98 and Me... most programs targets are specific dlls versions, that are often provided with it, etc.

Also, apart from the python thing, what are you advocating For? Warning about a problem isn't useful if it can't be helped anyway, is it?

-- Patrick

Le 25/03/2016 14:29, Pete a écrit :

The proliferation of the famous Microsoft Visual C + + redistributable
packages is dangerous to nvva.
Windows loads multiple instances of the d l l s and not all instances
are the same version or even the correct version for a given program
causing untraceable bugs in nvda along with other programs like explorer
or the w10 file manager.
There doesn't seem to be backward compatibility say from visual c + +
2015 to earlier versions.
A second dangerous trend is the proliferation of multiple versions of
dot net frame work.
Again here no apparent backward compatibility seems to exists.
So one has his or her windows computer cluttered up with multiple
versions in most cases taking up hard drive real estate and causing
A lot of the nvda bugs possibly can be linked to miss matched
versions of d l l s being loaded by windows.
A third concern is the old version of python being used. If it's
time to upgrade from say visual c + + 2008 it should be time to update
to a newer version of python.
Shouldn't it?

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