Re: Real quick question about chicken Nugget

Roger Stewart

Can't help with your question but I can confirm that this is normal behavior for Christopher. I've written him about some tech support questions in the past and get absolutely no response so in future, just don't bother.  That's the way he rolls.


On 1/26/2017 6:57 PM, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
I've written Christopher Toth about this many many times, and never get any response, hince why I'm asking here. I don't plan to continue this thread, and all mods are welcome to lock this thread after a time period. I only kindly ask that you at least give it 24 hours from the point of you seeing it before you do so. If by then, I've gotten no  responses, I'll write you all privately, and we can reevaluate the thread as needed.
Anyway, here's the deal. I have two Windows 10 computers, of which one is Running Chicken Nugget. The other is not running any Twitter client yet, which lead me to my question.
On the one PC that is! running it, I have customized the keymap for the invisible interface, not really tremendously, but definitely to a point. There are about 7 or 8 things I changed, and a few things I mapped that were not mapped at all to start with.
I do not see a way within the keymap manager by hitting CTRL+K while in the GUI, to export, nor import a keymap.
What I'm curious of is, If I install CN on my secondary machine, and then activate it with my serial, if I then turn around on the other system, go to program files, then to the CN directory, are there any files, or dll's, or whatever which hold that keymap that I could copy to a thumb drive, then copy over, over writing the files already there, and get that keymap up and running as I like it without me having to redo it by hand? I don't remember everything I changed, as a lot of it I do so second nature, that I can't remember if it was the default or not.
I'm just trying to think the easiest way to do this without breaking things along the way.
As I said, I wrote Christopher Toth, but he never responds, and this is about the 4th or 5th time over a 2 month period I've written him.

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