Re: Slow NVDA responses in ribbons

Antony Stone

What was it that you downgraded to version 8.3?

There is no version of NVDA named 8.3, and Office 2010 and Office 2016 are, well,
versions 2010 and 2016 (unless there's some hidden version number I'm not
aware of, like Windows XP was actually version "NT 5" and Windows Vista was
actually version "NT 6"?).

Also, knowing a bit more about your PC might help to diagnose the problem -
how many CPU cores? How much RAM?


On Saturday 28 January 2017 at 14:40:41, Greg Rhodes wrote:

I’ve written before about having sluggish NVDA feedback when navigating
ribbons in MS Word and MS Excel. I’m running the Windows 10 Anniversary
and had been using Office 2010. When I press the Alt key to go to the
ribbon or when I arrow between ribbon tabs, I frequently have a 4 to 10
second delay before I get NVDA auditory feedback saying where I am. I
thought this might be an Office 2010/NVDA compatibility issue so I
upgraded to Office 2016. I’m still having the same problem. I have my PC’s
Power setting on high. I 'experienced the problem with the latest version
of NVDA. Someone suggested I try an earlier version so I uninstalled the
latest version and installed the prior version (I believe it was 8.3). No

I really would like to use and support NVDA but can’t do it unless I can
get quicker auditory feedback when navigating in the ribbon. Also have
frequent issues with NVDA going silent. As I recall, I can Alt/Tab out and
back into the document I’m working on and NVDA will start talking again.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Are other people having these issues? Thanks.
These clients are often infected by viruses or other malware and need to be
fixed. If not, the user at that client needs to be fixed...

- Henrik Nordstrom, on Squid users' mailing list

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