Re: Problem with nvda plus F9 and nvda plus F10 for copying text

Robert Mendoza

Hi to all, thanks for the swift response and info. This is noted.

On 1/31/2017 3:05 PM, nasrin khaksar wrote:
this new behaviour happened since nvda version 2016.3
its advantage is ability to cut, or deleted our desire selection, but
previously we could only copy it.
another advantage is that we can understand how many characters we selected.
but in previous versions, nvda does not say the numbers of characters
we selected.
when we press nvda+shift+up nvda says nothing selected in previous
versions, but with current change, say the numbers of selected
after your selection is finished, press nvda+f10 twice fast to copy
your selection

On 1/31/17, Jacques <> wrote:
This in my opinion is one of the small, yet great features of NVDA. The
change that was built into this functionality some builds ago makes it
even more handy than previously was the case. Instead of being able to
simply copy the marked text, it can also be used to highlight a portion,
which can then be deleted, cut or copied. Very handy indeed.


On 31 Jan 2017 08:32, Jacob Kruger wrote:
You need to double-press NVDA+F10 to handle the copying part of the


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On 2017-01-31 06:04, Robert Mendoza wrote:
hi to all,

Not sure if I'm only the one noticed this or has been raised earlier
in this post that the function for the nvda plus F9 and nvda plus F10
is not behaving as it was before. I tried to copy a large text from a
notepad of paragraph. Though, I I'm aware that I hit the correct
combination of it. From the earlier version of nvda it was announced
or heard that it was copied to clipboard. But, today that is not the
way it should response. Also, when I press the nvda plus C to review
the text selection the mentioned text was copied. On the other note,
I'm using the latest version of nvda - 2016.4 and tried to disable the
addons as well but the same scenario or result is happened. Does
anyone observed this or has been experiencing this, let me know of
your thoughts. Thanks in advance.


Robert Mendoza

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