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If its an ordinary headphone issue, then its more likely to be muck or damage in the socket which normally mechanically switch out the speakers on all the laptops I have seen, in which case USB headphones might be the answer, or a usb device that can drive ordinary headphones.
They normally sound better than the tiny speakers in most laptops it has to be said.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Problem

Hello Gean and friends,

Thank you all for the quick response.

I am using ordinary headphones.

I am sorry for for not having any knowledge of usb headphones nor the usb
sound card, nor have no idea of the cost of either.

If I do get for argument sake the sound card, will I need someone to help me

As usb headphones sounds like I can plug them in the usb pot.

Please I will very much appreciate your guidance.

Thanking you always



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When I saw the original message, I thought they were probably ordinary
headphones. I didn't remember the original wording but perhaps that was

I don't know about what variety there is in USB headphones. But one thing I
like about the USB sound card idea is that, if the person wants to continue
using the headphones currently being used, they can be used with the
external sound card. If they are good headphones, buying an inexpensive
soundcard and continuing to use the good headphones might be cheaper than
buying another good pair of USB headphones.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Problem

On Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 10:48 am, Gene wrote:

The kind of headphones wasn't specified.

True, but when the descriptor "ordinary headphones" and phrase "still
attached" are used together that leads to the logical conclusion that 1/8"
jack headphones are being talked about.

I figure the most likely option and then, if the user has omitted something,
they'll bring it up when the responses start pouring in. I'll be curious to
see what the ultimate resolution turns out to be.

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