Re: Control Usage Assistant 2.4 released, end of line for this add-on from Joseph's labs

Ron Canazzi

Hi Joseph,.

I don't see this on the add on page. The latest I see if 2.1.

On 1/31/2017 11:24 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


Control Usage Assistant add-on 2.4 just hit the air. This is mostly a localization update with some cleanups here and there.


I also hereby announce that Control Usage Assistant has entered end of support countdown. With the number of my add-on brainchildren expanding, academics and what not, I felt it is time to part ways with the current version of this add-on. Thankfully, Derek Riemer, a rising star in NVDA community, has agreed to take this add-on to the next level. I’m grateful for users of this add-on for giving me suggestions ,advice and encouragement for the last four years, and I learned a lot about NVDA add-ons world and screen reader development through this add-on (by the way, Control Usage Assistant is my first original add-on; released in 2013, it allows users to obtain help for controls).


For fans of this add-on, the download link is:


Thank you.



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