Re: new member and a few questions


hi dan.
and about your last questions, nvda does not announce copy, peist, cut
by default and if you want this feature, you need to install addon or
contact developers of nvda to include this feature to this great
screen reader.

On 2/1/17, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Hi Dan,

Welcome to the group!

Re "Line feed", what program are you in when it announces that? For me, in
most programs, it doesn't necessarily announce anything when I press ENTER,
but as I left or right arrow through the text it announces line feed when
it gets to where I pressed enter? This is to indicate that it was a
deliberate press of ENTER and not just reaching the right margin for

You can set NVDA to "Speak command keys" by pressing NVDA+4 or from NVDA's
keyboard preferences dialog. This will announce "ENTER" when you press
that key. Note that it will also announce things like "CONTROL+RIGHT
ARROW" as you move by word, "NVDA+END" before reading the status bar and so

Re saving files. Again in word, if I press control+s, NVDA reads:
Save As tab selected Save As Alt, F, A " That is using the default
setup of Word showing the "backstage". If I set it up to go straight to
the save as dialog (file - options - save then check "Don't show the
backstage when opening or saving files".

If I have it set to go straight to the save as dialog, I get:

Save As dialog File name: File name:
Save as type: Save as type:
File name: combo box collapsed
edit Alt+n
selected some filename.docx"
Which is exactly the same if I press f12.

In Wordpad, when I press control+s, I get:

Save As dialog
File name: combo box collapsed
edit Alt+n
selected Document.rtf

In Notepad I get:

Save As dialog File name: File name:
Save as type: Save as type:
File name: combo box collapsed
edit Alt+n
selected *.txt"

Not sure if that helps though?



On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 2:02 PM, Dan Thompson <> wrote:

First I am very greatful for this list and all the work
developers have put into NVDA.

Q1. Instead of announcing “line feed”, Is it possible to cause NVDA to
announce new line or blank when pressing enter to move to a new line?

Q2. Recently NVDA in my class room will not say “file name” when
control + s when saving file for the first time.

NVDA will not say “save as” when pressing f12.

When we press control + c or control + v, NVDA does not announce,

“copy” or “paste.” Is there some setting that is not correct?

Thanks for reading this long email and thanks in advance for your

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