NVDA tutorials posted to Accessibilitycentral.net

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi guys

Recently updated:
The following tutorials have been added to accessibilitycentral.net

RECENTLY UPDATED: A free TV guide for New Zealand that can be used with
NVDA; Audio described listings by Able.co.nz (both on the NVDA tutorials
for other programs page).
NEW: All NVDA related pages have had a brief description and link added
which will take you to the recent nvaccess In Process blog (to keep NVDA
users up to date with developments)

I will add more tutorials to this thread as they are written up.

Gene NZ


<b>Check out the new location of my accessibility central website for
NVDA tutorials, NVDA road tested programs, and other eyesight related
http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/ If you would like to keep up to
date with whats being updated on our website, you can also follow us on
facebook by visiting
the following link
Also, check out which New Zealand libraries have the NVDA screen reader
available by visiting the following link

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