Re: The danger at the moment of this moderation thread.

Pete <emac00@...>

  My bad,  I didn't think it was a merger of two or more lists.  I thought the announcement was the list was moving over to  I wasn't aware it was being merged.  Again my bad. 
  I will consider joining / signing up with git hub. 
  Thanks for the link! 

On 3/25/2016 12:11 PM, V Stuart Foote wrote:
On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 04:58 am, Pete <emac00@...> wrote:

  I joined the nvda devel list to hear about people discussing nvda's scripting and how people were using python to script access to windows / programs so learning nvda scripting would be easier. 
  I may be the only one to notice.  This list has had a name change from nvda devel to nvda.  Are we to assume now all things nvda are to be discuss here?  I thought there was / is a separate nvda users list for discussing nvda's functioning with programs like Firefox, Google chrome, UN branded chrome, internet explorer, outlook and so on... 
  Or is there? 

@Pete, *

Sorry, but you seem not to realize that this ML continues to function as the NVDA User support list, as migrated here to from hosting.

NVAccess shut down the NVDA development mail list some time ago for spam and abuse issues, and shifted to issue tracking provided with the github hosing of the code base.

If you are really interested in NVDA Development, that resides on github where you can subscribe and follow issues.

Follow this link:

Folks here will have only a passing interest in development issues as they affect use and implementation of NVDA. It is primarily a user forum, not development.


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