Re: NVDA Jumps Around Randomly


for me this problem sometimes happens.
i restart nvda to solve it and it works in more than 99.99% of times.

On 2/1/17, Gary <> wrote:
I am using the latest version of NVDA (2016-4) on Windows 10, and have
been for several months now. I started experiencing a rather strange
and annoying behavior today, seemingly out of nowhere. I hope I can
properly describe it.

The only way I can describe what NVDA is doing is that it randomly
reads a different line of whatever application I am in. It reads the
one I want correctly, but will also read a line I'm not even on. For
example, conveniently, as I was typing the previous sentence, NVDA
read the first line in my edit window.

I have noticed this behavior in pretty much every program I use,
including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Notepad, Thunderbird, and
Chicken Nugget. I am loathed to reinstall from scratch, considering I
have made a lot of configuration changes, so I would appreciate any
advice. If there is debugging I can enable or whatever, I am happy to
do so.

I should also mention that I initially thought this could be something
funky with my keyboard, but I switched to JAWS, which I used in the
past, but it didn't occur then.



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