Re: nvda and browse mode

Andre Fisher

Could you please state the browser you are currently using? How about a log?

On 2/1/17, nasrin khaksar <> wrote:
i had this problem before.
completely uninstalled nvda and reinstalled again.
my problem is solved now and nvda works great!
but i dont know which browser do you use.
i am only satisfied with nvda and firefox and never dont use another

On 2/1/17, Josh Kennedy <> wrote:
I am using latest NVDA 2016.4. on the walmart website NVDA slows to a
crawl, while jaws18 demo is very fast and snappy and works fine. I would
like to ask the NVDA devs to re-write browse mode when they get a chance
to NVDA is fast and snappy as well, like jaws is. If it would not have
been for jaws, as my secondary backup screen reader, I couldn't have
placed my order on walmart's website. Hopefully NVDA will fix the
sluggish browse mode soon.



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