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hi again.
i set firefox that everytime i open it, its like a fresh install.
i dont save anything and its maybe the reason that firefox is very
fast and responsive for me.
i only use firefox and nvda not another browser and screen readers.
i use firefox 51 with nvda 2016.4 and its realy great!
thanks God and there developers and supporters!

On 2/1/17, Gene <> wrote:
Perhaps a month ago, I said that I found Firefox to be slow on some sites
where whatever other browser I compared with wasn't. I believe I also said
that it is my impression that this problem has expanded with Firefox, that
it is slower on more sites than previously. Whether this is caused by
changes in Firefox or in NVDA, I don't know.

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From: Brian Vogel
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Subject: Re: [nvda] nvda and browse mode

I'm having zero problems flying through all the fields and controls on the main page using NVDA 2016.4 and the Chrome Browser. However,
traversal of same controls are much slower under Firefox. I wouldn't call
it a crawl, but even I notice an annoying lag. I have the latest versions of
both browsers and am running Win10 Home 64-bit Build 14393.693

I've found over time that it's not at all unusual for a given screen reader
to "not play well" with a given program so I always try to have an
alternative program, be that another screen reader or, as in this case, web
browser, to work with.

If anyone wants me to do something to generate diagnostic information I'll
be happy to do so.

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