Command questions

Greg Rhodes

I have a couple of NVDA command questions. First, I have some websites in a Favorites bar at the top of my browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox). Is there an NVDA shortcut to get to them. When I go through the ribbon, it looks like they are in the “bookmarks toolbar”. Is there a shortcut to get to them without navigating through  several ribbon toolbar levels?
Second, when I’m composing a new email in Windows Live Mail, I go to the “To” button, do a Shift/Tab and hit Enter to open my “Contacts” list. I’m able to arrow through them one at a time but can I enter the first letter of a name to get close to the contact and then arrow down to it? Do I then hit Enter to select it and have it show up in the “To” box? I’m not having luck trying options to get this done.

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