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I'm not sure that all screen-readers support autocomplete in Windows Live Mail.  When I start a new message, I use control n when starting a new message, I am in the address field.  I shift tab once press the button with the space bar that says something like add a contact, then type part of what I want.  The more I type, the fewer results and the more restrictive the search is. 
Down arrow to the result you want.  Arrowing to it selects it.  Pressing space bar is redundant.
Then, instead of tabbing to different fields in the dialog. alt t places the address in the to field.  Alt o activates the ok button.
So the procedure is:
Once you have activated the search for contacts button, type whatever you want.
Down arrow to the result you want.
Then issue the commands alt t followed by alt o.
You are now back in the to line and the contact is there.
When you use alt t and alt o, you must hold alt while typing t and o.  these are short cut commands in the dialog and alt must be held when executing short cut commands reliably in dialogs.

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          What version of WLM are you using?  In WLM 2012 when I use the Contacts button it opens the Contacts dialog with me in the quick search box where I can type a character or characters to limit the contacts that will be shown below.  For example, when I enter "vog" in that box I get nothing but other Vogels that are in my contacts in the list immediately below.  If I down arrow into the list I can go through those to find the right one.  Of course, if you know something distinctive about either the display name or e-mail address of the person you're trying to find and enter that in the search box you should get a single result you can down arrow to get to it.  You must then select the contact (I hit space bar to do this) then I tab to the "To" button and activate it.  This places that contact in the "To" field on your e-mail message but you will not be back in the message compose window until you hit the OK button to get all of the contacts you may have collected via repeated search-select-activate to button iterations placed in the To field in the compose window.

Personally, I generally find it easier to type out enough of the recipient's name in the actual "To:" field such that I know the contact is showing in the dropdown that gets created and just tabbing to accept that contact.  If, by chance, you haven't typed enough and you snag the wrong contact, a single backspace removes it and you can start again.

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