downgrading the kindle application?

Josh Kennedy


can you please tell me where i can get the downgraded kindle application, if the login is accessible, and how to keep it from updating? also guys if you want to purchase books that you can later reformat with codex you can buy books from the blio website and blio store. there are also other big e book stores that will sell you e books in epub formats that you can reformat with codex. example, i like to legally purchase or buy e books in epub that i transform into word documents then turn into contracted braille files brf files for reading on my orbit reader20 prototype braille display that should be out for purchase in the spring of this year. my take on it is this. if I legally purchase the e-book, then i should have the right to turn it into any accessible format i wish, for my own personal use, even if that format is contracted english braille brf files for my braille display reader device.

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