Re: displaying file type information?


From your message, it's clear that you don't have Windows set to announce file types.  You don't have to look in other fields to see it.  I don't use Windows 10 and the information I give for doing this may not apply.  other list members may give the procedure for Windows 10.  When set as desired, every file will be displayed with the extension as Name of file mp3 or dot mp3, for example. 
It is important to have file types announced aside from the efficiency of doing so.  At times, attachments or other malware files contain double extensions.  If you don't have Windows set to show known file types, you may see the harmless extenssion and not see the second extension which should make you suspicious.

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To change the view simply press the control plus shift plus 6 at the
same time.

Robert Mendoza

On 2/2/2017 11:45 PM, Robert Kingett wrote:
> using windows 10 could someone tell me how to make windows display the
> file type in all windows? when I go into my music folder it does not
> show the file type information. In my documents, for example, I can
> right arrow twice and it tells me the file type

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