Re: how to get NVDA to say Apostrophe instead of tick

Ron Canazzi

Hi Denis,

1.  Insert + N for NVDA menu.

2. Choose preferences.

3.  Choose symbols and punctuation pronunciation.

4.  You are placed in a list of symbols.  Press the apostrophe key and you should hear something like tick equals tick.

5.  Tab once and type in what you want this symbol to say (in your case apostrophe.)

6.  Tab again to a combo box that asks you what level you want this pronunciation at (default is all is unless you want different cursors to speak it differently, this should suffice.)

7.  Tab once to a combo box tht says 'send actual punctuation to synthesizer.'  If you wqnt NVDa pronunciation, the default 'never' is OK.

8.  Tab to the add button and press space bar.

9.  Make any other changes if you want, and then click add again and OK.

This should keep the changes permenant.

On 2/2/2017 2:04 PM, Dennis L wrote:

How do I change it I somehow don’t see it in the symbles list now.  I changed it and didn’t do something right.


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You can find this in NVDA menu > preferences > punctuation / symbol pronunciation. Make sure you consider whether you really want three extra syllables every time you encounter this symbol though. I'm a big fan of efficient reading, and that's the main reason I haven't changed mine back. you get used to it pretty quickly. Hope this helps.





On 2017-02-02 10:33, Dennis L wrote:

Hi, how do I get NVDA to say Apostrophe instead of tick.


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