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What I tend to do since I have a lot of sounds is find what works what won't work, etc.
I then put the sounds I think should go for the project, ofcause I need to write down what I may use and put those sounds in a folder then I just have to put them together.
With over 60 gb of sfx its the only way to do it.

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I think its very very important to know this info, as it all becomes
important when many sound editors or recorders are being used.
I'm sure I've managed it though to my shame I have to say I've created a
non music type folder called sound where I put all my in work stuff as
it is a much simpler display.

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Even with "Hide extensions for known file types" selected, the Music
folder has special display options. Are you really interested in the
actual extension, e.g., mp3, of your music files? If so I'll dig into
this more, but the default view for music displays other columns that
are generally of far more interest to most users.

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