Re: NVDA and unzip utility

John Sanfilippo

I thought Windows has/had its own unzipping utility. But, when you need
to open other types of archives you'll need something else.

I'm learning to use 7zip. It seems entirely accessible, and I'm pretty
sure others use it.


On 2/4/17 8:56, Pascal Lambert wrote:
Please, is there an unzip utility that works well with NVDA? WinRAR which I am using is not very accessible.
Many thanks

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only set in voice settings Punctuation/symbol level: none good lock and God bless you!

On 2/4/17, Dennis L <dennisl1982@...> wrote:
I agree.

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What if you want to get to the number to review it? It is easier to
just move forward once than to hear the whole thing spoken, then move
to the end or to the next word and move back. it's one command
instead of two or three.

Be careful what you wish for.


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Subject: [nvda] Feature request: More Efficient Word Navigation

When using the prev/next word hotkeys (numpad 4 and 6) it would be
nice if it did not stop at punctuation, but instead continued on to
the prev/next word.
Size on disk: 13.65 GB.
If you read that with the next word key, numpad six, you hear:
Size on disk colon 13 dot 65 gb
I want to hear
Size on disk 13.65 gb
where the numpad keys don't stop on the punctuation, but continue on
to the next word

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