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I agree on Yahoo, I think they are simply incompetent rather than anything else. I always use 7zip, but use the zip part for compatibility.
There used to be a small utility around that could turn any zip into a self extractor, does anyone know if this is still about, my searches don't seem to point to anything useful to windows users.
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I agree, before, I used pk zip in dos then later on winzip.
When it became payed, bits became inaccessible.
I got round this with a crack and that worked but when they switched to ribbons I decided that instead of cracking every year I was never going to spend the 30 bucks a year to keep it updated I switched to 7zip.
the only disadvantage to 7z I can see is that it can only create 7z and zip archives winzip can do more it can extract almost everything.
The other disadvantage is while creating or extracting files it will use all your processer power and memmory but I have hardly had a 7z file ever get corrupted and they are quite small.
7zip is opensource and multiplatform with addons and also running of the lzma2 sdk, I do know lzma is a power compression lib, I used it in dos so its been round a while now.
I use the shell mode mostly but it works and all computers I administrate have it as one of their utilities.
Its also a lot faster than any other zipping program I have ever used in my life.
To its credit bar the usual google spyware it installs its not changed and I am in 2 minds about google spyware with the amount of service I get.
I'd gladly give my information to someone that gives me so much, I mean even my mail is fast and secure world wide access.
True the nsa can probably read it but so what I have nothing to hide.
The worse spyware to get on your system is yahoo and thats only because they have so many security breaches they just don't seem to give a damn.

On 5/02/2017 6:05 a.m., Dejan Ristic wrote:
I use 7ZIP, and I seem to be satisfied with it.

Here is the link to it:
On 2/4/2017 2:56 PM, Pascal Lambert wrote:
Please, is there an unzip utility that works well with NVDA? WinRAR
which I am using is not very accessible.
Many thanks

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Feature request: More Efficient Word Navigation

only set in voice settings Punctuation/symbol level: none good lock
and God bless you!

On 2/4/17, Dennis L <> wrote:
I agree.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Feature request: More Efficient Word Navigation

What if you want to get to the number to review it? It is easier to
just move forward once than to hear the whole thing spoken, then move
to the end or to the next word and move back. it's one command
instead of two or three.

Be careful what you wish for.


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Subject: [nvda] Feature request: More Efficient Word Navigation

When using the prev/next word hotkeys (numpad 4 and 6) it would be
nice if it did not stop at punctuation, but instead continued on to
the prev/next word.
Size on disk: 13.65 GB.
If you read that with the next word key, numpad six, you hear:
Size on disk colon 13 dot 65 gb
I want to hear
Size on disk 13.65 gb
where the numpad keys don't stop on the punctuation, but continue on
to the next word

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