3.5 headphone jacks

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Apologies for this being slightly off topic, but I thought I'd mention this as it seems quite common here for there to be threads about my phones don't work or similar.
While looking at various pieces of equipment with these sockets it proved to me how basically rubbish these plugs and sockets are. On one machine here even pushing the jack in hard seemed to result in very poor speech or indeed any sound that should be equally on both channels. this turned out to be that the body of the phones plug hit the case of the computer before it was pushed fully home. Sometimes also even small differences in diameter mean that the speakers do not always get cut off by the internal switch, or that the phones (or external speakers) crackle and mess about due to dirt on the plug or socket. I think in these sort of cases where cleaning or another set of speakers or phones still act up, the only option on a computer is to buy an el cheapo usb pair of phones or sound box as has been mentioned earlier. They often only cost under 10 quid in the UK from many many stores and usually load their own software drivers so plugging them and unplugging them moves the sound from the speakers driving sound card to the usb ones.
Of course on other devices one cannot do this and have to rely on the socket and plug being usable and not dirty.
This has been what I have found. Brian

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