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I've successfully used NVDA to fill out Canadian issue government paperwork.  If there are form fields in the document, NVDA will recognise them as you read through or tab through the document.  If the form fields are properly labeled, NVDA will read the title of each field as you tab to let you know what information is expected.

If none of this is happening for you, and you are reading the document in the latest adobe reader, then the document is not a form, regardless of whether or not it is purposed as a form.  In this case, as Gene suggested, it's intended to be printed and filled by hand which is not useful for you.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I believe it's time for organizations to abandon adobe.  15 years of inaccessibility, bolt on accessibility, complicated accessibility design guidelines and obscure information regarding the guidelines, and sheer unadulterated laziness on the part of adobe and the people who use it as a design platform are quite enough.  If I were you I would take the document back to the person you got it from and tell them to either make it a form in fact as well as in name, or to port it to formstack or some other secure and accessible form service and to stop wasting time and money on adobe.

As you can see, this topic really annoys me.  The fact that we're still fighting adobe and designers for access to bdf is clear indication to me that it's time for the world to simply move on from this company and it's products.



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Dear All listers,

Is there any way to fill in a pdf application form using NVDA & adobe reader? there are no form field in the document. However, after reading it, I know that I must fill in some informationb. I tried using "fill & Sign" in adobe reader, but it's inaccessible.

Please give me some suggestion,

Thank you.

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