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If you had live essentials installed before January 2017 you can continue to use it.  As of January 2017 the instalation files for live essentials 2011 and 2012 have been pulled from microsoft download sites.  If you try to use the net installer to install a new windows live essentials right now, it won't work.  If you retained an offline installer you can still install it, but I don't remember if one of those existed.  I don't have one.



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What do you mean Live Essentials is no more.  People still use it who are using Windows 8 or 10.  I don't know why it disappeared in the upgrade but it can be reinstalled.
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Hello all,

I just did a system upgrade for a friend and found that live essentials is
no more.  He didn't go all the way to windows 10 so he is stuck without an
email client.  OE classic is inaccessible, but I paid not as much attention
to the discussions on it as I should have.  So, I installed it and was less
than happy with the result.  My friend is even more disgruntled as you can
imagine.  Is any work being done to make an add-on to support OE classic? 
If so, how can we contribute?  Neither of us are coders, but we may be able
to help with funding and testing.



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