Re: controlling the mouse?


On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 07:14 pm, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
You don't really have to have sight in order to learn to use the mouse when needed.

 Amen to that!!  As laptops with touch screens become more common the ability to make an ordered traversal of the screen with your fingertip with NVDA mouse tracking on is an excellent way to get an overview of what's there.

I've taught clients how to use the mouse and mouse pad to do "quick and dirty" reads of a screen.  For my grad student clients this proved to be a very efficient way to decide whether a web page they'd found in a search actually had content of potential interest or could be ignored.  When speed of review is of the essence knowing "blind mousing techniques" can increase this significantly.

It's just another arrow in the quiver.  I'm certainly not saying that everyone should use it, but I will say that everyone should be aware of it and, if they find that they're spending a lot of time "brute force tabbing" their way around a page trying to get a sense of what's actually on it that they might want to consider learning another method.  Whether they like or use the mouse method is entirely a personal choice, but you can't make an informed choice without giving something a go, and for more than 2 minutes when it takes a bit of skill development to perfect your technique. 

    I don't find an uninformed hatred a "principled position" that I need to respect in any way.

        ~ Ellen Evans, soc.motss, 11/6/2004

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