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Hmmm well its about all we have that works to be honest.
windows mail is another choice.
live mail 2009 is another choice.
Eudora 7.1 is good but you need to enter certifficates all the time but its ok for non ssl systems I guess.
The bat and pegisus mail come to mind unsure about status.
Thunderbird without lightning is fine.
The only difference between thunderbird and more traditional mail apps is that while it does have menus similar to a desktop app, like skype its basically a web app using the firefox engine which is using the chrome engine.
It can run different clients fron irc to mail to rss to news so I guess we could call it a net shell to be technical.
I am not sure if traditional mail programs exist, with the event of tablets and other things, short of going to a universal app, a web app or web shell like this is probably a good transition.
Its not perfect, but just like nvda it and its browser companian firefox, see monkey, and the mozilla brouser and mail client before it is modular.
Its what attracts me to the system.

On 6/02/2017 5:50 p.m., Dennis L wrote:
Not everyone likes thunderbird. Used it don't like it.

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Why not just use Thunderbird, being it's fully supported, and being NVDA
works absolutely beautifully! with it?


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Subject: [nvda] O E classic again

Hello all,

I just did a system upgrade for a friend and found that live essentials is
no more. He didn't go all the way to windows 10 so he is stuck without an
email client. OE classic is inaccessible, but I paid not as much attention
to the discussions on it as I should have. So, I installed it and was less
than happy with the result. My friend is even more disgruntled as you can
imagine. Is any work being done to make an add-on to support OE classic?
If so, how can we contribute? Neither of us are coders, but we may be able
to help with funding and testing.



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