Re: NVDA and the Nano text editor

√ėyvind Lode

I use nano daily.
However, I use nano on Linux and also via cygwin.
When using nano in cygwin or on a linux box via ssh in cygwin NVDA
does not work correctly with the nano navigation keyboard shortcuts
but I can see the cursor on my Braille display, so therefore it works
fine for me.

On 6 February 2017 at 12:57, James AUSTIN <> wrote:
Hi folks

Apologies as i have asked a similar question before. Does anyone on list use
Nano, a UNIX command line text editor please? I am able to read and edit
text with the arrow keys, but NVDA cannot see Nano's cursor when it is moved
with Nano-specific commands. The same is also true for VIM --- another text

While I can use Notepadd ++ and other graphical text editors, I work a lot
with the command line and would prefer to stay within it if at all possible.

I think Travis has used Nano on here?


Take care


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