Re: NVDA and the Nano text editor

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Yep, use nano all the time. I don't have any issues using it, but then again, I've been using linux since somewhere around 1992-93 timeframe, so I'm used to it, and don't have problems moving around the screen using it. There's always the control-L command if your cursor is completely lost, and you can't find it (doesn't happen often, but it does happen, much less now that dialup is gone), what specifically are you having trouble with? give me steps to replicate, and I'll find a solution for you.

On 2/6/2017 6:57 AM, James AUSTIN wrote:
Hi folks

Apologies as i have asked a similar question before. Does anyone on list use Nano, a UNIX command line text editor please? I am able to read and edit text with the arrow keys, but NVDA cannot see Nano's cursor when it is moved with Nano-specific commands. The same is also true for VIM --- another text editor.

While I can use Notepadd ++ and other graphical text editors, I work a lot with the command line and would prefer to stay within it if at all possible.

I think Travis has used Nano on here?


Take care


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