Re: Weird desktop messages?


sounds like you went to details view in a normal folder you only need to hit view then list.
I'd open a folder on the desktop, go do a view/list, alt v then l and then after that go to folder options and view then set folders to current folder and see.
If that does not work hit the reset button to reset view, but you will have to redo those options ofcause.

On 26/03/2016 2:18 p.m., Matt Turner wrote:
Hi, when i go to the desktop, in windows 8 with the windows key+d, I get all
this extra speech added with my icons.
For example, foobar2000; 1 KB; Shortcut; ‎3/‎19/‎2016 ‏‎5:17 PM.
The tool tips, and help balloons are turned off in NVDA.
I'm just thinking it's something i accidentally hit.

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