Re: Filling out MS Word Document



            You are the recipient of an MS-Word document that is a form that is meant to be printed and filled out by hand, which seems to be how most of them get made.  Why true MS-Word forms, with form fields, have never come into common use I will never know.

            What I tend to do is to select the underlines as a group, then use the underline feature related to the font in use to type in its replacement.

            I hate even doing this as it can cause things to shift that shouldn't shift, but typing in front of the underscores that have been put in the document as the line to write on will guarantee that things will shift and the final result will be, shall we say, unexpected.

            Those who are creating MS-Word forms had ought to know how to actually create MS-Word forms with form fields that you simply tab through and type.  But that ship has long ago sailed and you'll get lots of "forms" that are meant to be printed as paper forms for filling out by hand.

    I don't find an uninformed hatred a "principled position" that I need to respect in any way.

        ~ Ellen Evans, soc.motss, 11/6/2004

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