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I experienced a similar problem. These are the steps I took to resolve it.

1. Restart NVDA with all add ons disabled.
2. Remove all add ons.
3. Uninstall NVDA completely and make sure that the programme files are removed.
4. Re-install NVDA from scratch.
5. Re-install the add ons 1 by 1 and check which ones make NVDA sluggish.

I have noticed that the Emotocon add on and a few others make NVDA react sluggishly.

This is with NVDA 2016.4.

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Sent: Tuesday, 07 February 2017 11:39 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] question about word.

Hi, it happens the same when I work with word documents. NVDA doesn't responde as fast as in other aplications, thunderbird or firefox for example. Any advise will be apreciated.

Best regards.

Fernando Apan.

El 07/02/2017 a las 09:52 p.m., Nika Tsiklauri escribió:
Hello everybody! I have a question. When I am working in office
programs, NVDA starts becoming slow and sometimes it crashes and isn't
responding. How can I fix this? Any suggestions would be apreciated.
With best regards,

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