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chromium is google chrome with all the added stuff google chrome has.
In theory it should be more accessable than chrome without all the extra google stuff on it.

On 26/03/2016 5:06 a.m., Gene wrote:
Evidently, you are talking about Chromium, not Google Chrome. I doubt that meaningful work has been done either by the Chromium project nor by NVDA on this browser. The popular Google Chrome browser among sighted users is reasonably accessible but I don't expect Chromium, a browser that is not at all widely used and that a lot of people don't even know exists, to be worked on by NVDA developers who, frankly, have much much more important things to work on affecting a great many more users than a browser most people haven't even heard of.

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From: Pete
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2016 10:51 AM
Subject: [nvda] and Chromium

I am trying out Chromium.
The version is below in the about page.
does any one have helpful advice using this browser?
I notice while down arrowing nvda stops announcing the menu items.
After the zoom item two down arrow are not spoken and again after
edit item another two down arrows are not spoken.
If up arrowing it doesn't do the same.
Tabbing around seems to work OK. Starting at the address bar, next
tab is bookmark button next tab is Chromium menu oops take that back
tabbing around now selects between tabs now along with going threw the
open page. I have not configured any thing in it yet so will explore
the other tabs. Does any one know the keys to close a tab / focused
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