Slow MS Word Navigation; Odd Options behavior


Windows 7 x64 word 2016, NVDA 2016.4.
There was an extremely aggravating delay between arrow presses and speech while navigating in word. I rebooted the system, restarted word, turned off
"Provide Feedback with Annimations"
, and restarted NVDA. I loaded different documents of different sizes and then I started a blank document with only one line. Still with the slow response while navigating with arrows.
Finally I hit on the idea to turn off braille. Bingo--that was the answer. Navigation speeded up, but of course now I have no braille feedback.
I am using the Handy Tech driver. I have not tested with BRLTTY because I do not have it installed here.
Another odd behavior that happens is in the Word Options dialog. If you tab to an up down edit box and then tab or shift+tab out of it, there is this huge pause, and then the dialog reads from the top or close to it.
1. Open Word optons, alt+f t
2. Arrow Down to Advanced
3. Tab until you hear
"Show this number of recent Documents"
and then hit tab again. There will be a big delay and then NNVDA will start reading the dialog from the top of visible portion down. In my case, it started reading everything from the copy and paste grouping.

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