Re: optimization tools (sorry if this is a repeat)

David Goldfield

Hi, Ame.

I used to be heavily into optimization tools and, from the ones I tried,
Ccleaner was the most accessible. However, it is usually the case that
you will not notice much in the way of a performance boost after running
them. True, they can clear off some space by deleting temp files but,
usually, this won't do much to improve your PC's performance. In fact,
some of these tools could, in theory, cause a bit of a slowdown if they
delete your cache, as having this on your hard drive can make Web
browsing a bit faster. I would also steer clear of any tool, including
Ccleaner, when it comes to registry cleaning. Purging your registry of
unneeded or orphan keys will do nothing to speed up your system and, in
fact, could make things worse. I consider myself a fairly savvy Windows
user and I am quite content to use the disk cleanup tools provided by

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On 2/10/2017 2:19 PM, Ame wrote:
My Win 10 PC. CCleaner's okay but I was curious to see if there was
something better. I can run a scan and I don't notice a whole lot of
difference. They were really singing the praises of Iolo System

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