Re: Help me doing this

Patrick Le Baudour


I'm not too sure about what you are describing exactly, but here are some infos that could be useful.

- ctrl+alt+n only works with installed version of nvda, not with portables ones.

- to work in cmd, it is usually recommended to disable keyboard and word echo. When it is enabled, the result can be annoying, as it reads letters and words of output, and does skip the punctuation with the word reading.
If that is done, output should be spoken directly, and you can use review cursor, i.e. numpad with numlock off to browse through already displayedtext (assuming you are using desktop layout).

-- Patrick

Le 26/03/2016 07:18, Ajay Sharma a écrit :
Hey guys,

Plz suggest a way out to,
1. Read text in command line, CMD.
2. Make NVDA read all the punctuation, while reading line by line or
during say all, I tried to set punctuation level to all, but it didn't
worked out.
Alt + Ctrl + N shortcut is not working.

I am using win 10 Home and NVDA 16.1.

Thanks in advance!

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