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plantuml.jar is a command-line tool.
You need to invoke it via a terminal with:
java -jar plantuml.jar yourUMLDescriptionFile.txt

You need to install GraphViz too, I think all it's explained on the PlantUML website.
But if you don't want to search for the moment, there is a simple kind of thing you can do to test PlantUML.
Look at the homepage of the site, there is a link bringing you to the online PlantUML server. You will be able to paste / write your diagram here, then click submit, and the online server will parse the description for you. Then, you will be able to download a PNG representing your diagram.
I personally use this solution because I haven't found the time to investigate GraphViz installation and Co, and I needed a quick solution working immediately.


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Le 10/02/2017 à 21:57, Martin O'Sullivan a écrit :


Thank you for the link, however I could not get it to work when I downloaded the file plantuml.jar and ran it nothing happened no error message just a small logo for a few seconds, and then that went away.


Any ideas?




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On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 4:58 PM, Arthur BREUNEVAL via Groups.Io <arthur.breuneval@...> wrote:
Hello Martin,
I personally use PlantUML, which is a simple language for describbing UML diagrams with text.
You can investigate it at
It is very simple to learn and very intuitive.
Anyway I don't know any program with a GUI allowing to build UML diagrams which is fully accessible.

Hope this help.

Best regards,

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Le 09/02/2017 à 16:07, Martin O'Sullivan a écrit :

I have started a course in object orientated programming, as part of that course; I have to produce UML diagrams.  Is there an UML tool; which works with NVDA?

If there is no accessible way of interacting with any UML tool, is there a recognised alternative which can be used by vision impaired software developers?

Unified Modeling language (UML) is a standardized modeling language enabling developers to specify, visualize, construct and document artifacts of a software system. Thus, UML makes these artifacts scalable, secure and robust in execution. UML is an important aspect involved in object-oriented software development.    

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