NVDA + Stenograph + Microsoft Word

Daniele Casarola

My name is Daniele from Italy.

First of all thank you very much for reading and for supporting NVDA.

Recently I've begun a new job; stenographer. I am very happy for that. It has been not easy to find a new one after my sight problems.
I listen recorded audio and I transcribe it using a special keyboard (steno machine) which allows to type very fast, more then a standard qwerty keyboard.

Basically it allows to type more letters concurrently, at the same time. Pressing at the same time more keys I can type part of a word, an entire word and also an entire sentence.

Of course I need NVDA because he reads for me what I type and in case of mistakes I realize of it and I correct it.

To make it works with this kind of typing these are the settings to change:
Preferences-->Keybord Preferences
"Speak typed characters" unchecked
"Speak typed words" checked
"Speech interrupt for typed characters" unchecked
And also these two, otherwise while typing appears, sometimes, a strange output:
"Handle keys from other applications" unchecked
"Play sound for spelling errors while typing" unchecked
All works correctly.

But there is a little problem that I really don't know how to fix.
The problem appears only in Microsoft Word (but also on OpenOffice Writer). The problem doesn't appear in Notepad or Wordpad application. Unfortunatly my company needs I work on Microsoft Word.

When I type a word NVDA read the word as if there is two first letters at the beginning of the word.
So if I typ "io" it reads "iio". If I type "2017" it reads "22017" and so on. It also doesn't read correctly some pronounciations, for example "sci" it reads "ski" like in "skirt" instead of "shi" like in "sheep", and so on.

Do you know how can I fix it?

Thank you very much

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