Re: NVDA + Stenograph + Microsoft Word


This is a very strange case...
Some characters results oublek also into the word.

This happens only when you type with your steno keyboard, or even when you read the entire document after typing?

Sure, if the text in OpenOffice Writer is corret the speech dictionary don't works in this regard.


Daniele Casarola, 12/02/2017 14:47:

In the screenshoot I've put two indows: on the left side the OpenOffice Writer Window where I've typed some sentences and on the right side the Tools-->Speech Viewer window.

The words typed in OpenOffice Writer and the words that appears on the Speech Viewer should be monstly the same.

But on the Speech Viewer they are all incorrect. Basically some letters are repeated.

For example "Sto" in the OpenOffice Writer becames "Stto" on the Speech Viewer. "provando" becames "pprrovaando" and so on. This happens for all the words, not for a word specifically.

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