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While this is true, the problems arise when you forget which one you are using or forget which one works best with which sites. This latter issue points me toward two possible conclusions. 1 the page designers do not test eheir site enough different browsers

2, the browser makers don't test with enough sites.


Controls differences can be gotten used to its true, but to me at least I do find that reinventing the wheel differently to the established norm is a little eccentric and just a bit arrogant.

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It has nothing to do with accessibility with NVDA. In some ways, Firefox has a more convenient layout for blind users when working with things like settings and history. But that's because of the way Chrome and Firefox are laid out. If you only use one browser, you won't be able to work with some sites that don't work properly and do with another one. Or you will find some sites slower or less convenient to work with. Knowledgeable demanding users of Windows browsers use more than one. They generally have one as their main browser4 but they use others when they benefit by doing so.

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chrome works with nvda.
but i think that the most accessible and most compatible browser with
nvda is firefox.
i only use firefox and not another browsers.

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Chrome works very well with NVDA, it's my primary browser.


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Does Google Chrome work with NVDA at all?

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