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Do you find focus problemswith some of the objects and lists in these later versions, or is it just me?

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Re CDex,

The latest stable version is 1.82, released on 21st December 2016. It
definitely works on Windows 10 although it still has much the same
interface it has had for about as long as I've used it.



On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 3:18 PM, Simon Jaeger <simon@...> wrote:


If you were much of a command-line Linux user, you might want to check out
Windows 10 bash:

YoutubeDLG is what I use for my videos. You can set some options in
preferences according to whether you want to convert to audio and keep the
video. You can also put custom command line parameters into its
configuration which will get passed to youtube-dl directly. Personally, I
keep the "convert to audio" checkbox unchecked, and add a -x to the command
line parameters so that the original format gets preserved in the case of
aac or opus audio. This depends entirely on whether you want to keep the
video though.

CDex is definitely good, though I don't know if it's updated for Windows
10. It was the first ripper I ever used and worked until I decided to just
use GoldWave's internal converter.

For torrenting, I use UTorrent, but a much older version (3.2.1). I don't
know off hand where one can download this, so if you trust a google search
more than a random stranger on a mailing list, feel free to find your own
download. However, this is my copy and it's running well on two of my

A few people talked about driveragent being good, but it's not free.
However, I was told it was 30 to 40 dollars for up to 10 machines. If
that's your thing, give it a try. I'm also told the free version will tell
you which drivers you need, but will not download them automatically. Don't
quote me on either of those things.

I'm sure people out here have good suggestions of audio converters. I
don't personally have any, as I once again use GoldWave's batch converter
most of the time. If I don't, I use the one built into Foobar2000, which
also works well in certain cases.

Good luck. Feel free to share any discoveries you make as well.


On 2017-02-14 19:04, coffeekingms@... wrote:

hi all

I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but I've just switched from linux,
specifically sonar gnu linux, to windows 10 full time. There are many
reasons why and I won't go into them hear since this is the wrong list,
but the windows blind community is just friendlier and much much less
prone to judge people based on what software they want to use, what
speech voice they want to use and so on. I was hoping you guys could
point me to some free as in price, and open source if possible, software
to do the things I've gotten used to doing in linux. I'll provide a list.

A cd ripper, preferably one that can look up info on cd databases, and
if such a thing exists, one that can look up data on audiobook cd's,
since the ones available for linux can't. It would be nice if it could
rip to opus or ogg vorbis files, preferably both, since I don't care for
mp3 and use free to use media formats like ogg or opus for everything.
Something that can download videos from youtube, entire playlists if
possible. I've found youtube dl gui for this, but it leaves the video
and audio tracks separate, instead of combining them so I have to
manuallt delete them. An audio converter, so I can convert mp3, m4b, etc
files into the formats I prefer to use. I've come across format factory
and already wrote about it hear, but it doesn't seem to handle opus so I
may need to use something else. I've just discovered kodi, the htpc
software. Can it handle using services such as spotify, pandora and I don't use any of these yet, but I'd like to start, assuming
spotify and pandora are still free to use. Accessible torrent software.
I've been usint q bittorrent, and it is usable but not very accessible.
I want torrent software for legal things, not the pirate bay and such.
Even though I'm no longer using sonar I still want to support it's
torrent seeds, as well as other linux distro torrents such as vinux and
fedora. Is there a good free program to keep drivers up to date? If
these are still needed. My computer is experiencing frequent bugcheck
screens from something called amdkfb.sys, and I thought maybe a free
driver updater would download an updated driver that would fix it.
Something that doesn't nag you to upgrade to a pro version would be
nice, and that can be run portable would be even better, but I don't
want to be picky. I'm only asking for all of these instead of doing my
own research because I'm frequently lead around in circles. Sites that
say a piece of software is free, when what they mean is free but comes
with extra stuff, free trial, or not free at all and they want you to
pay for it. Driver updaters that aren't accessible and often install
extras, such as pc care, pc cleaners, and the chrome browser. Are there
good ways of avoiding these kinds of things? I'm new to windows after
being in linux for five years so I might as well be a first time windows
user. Thanks for any help, I'll try not to ask for this much help again.


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