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Will we be all forced to get creators update? I ask as the last time for anniversary update several older 32 bit slightly modified bits of software were removed and could not be put back without losing data, though they still worked. it would be really nice if there could be a prompt from the updating software saying these programs will be removed. If you want to preserve them click here but they may or may not funtion after the update.
To just unilaterally proclaim its old and hence junk is a little on the draconian side. This affects Outlook express and some others I may have forgotten about. However they nearly always still work OK if you put them back but lose the liinks to their data.

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Typed characters: are you running Anniversary Update? The typed characters issue was fixed in recent Windows Insider builds, and will make its appearance as part of Creators Update in a few weeks.

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Have installed the 2017 RC1 of NVDA and am trying out the Edge browser.
when Edge is started you are on a edit box to enter a web address or search term. When I type here NVDA does not echo the characters being typed. Is there a setting to be changed or way to setup Edge to resolve this issue?

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