Re: Bard Express with NVDA2017.1 RC?

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That depends what you call an issue of course.
Its often hard when you have the program makers saying they have no issuees and the screenreader maker saying oh yes you have of course.
The thing is that to cludge nvda to make something work when a piece of software is still being developed can have its drawbacks. Look at how often Skype manages to fix one thing, then screw up something else. Some software teams are just not testing with the screen readers. Just note what has happened to Revo and some of the malware programs to see the issues.

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Furthermore, there will be no fixes to the feature set of NVDA 2017.1.
This is a release candidate, so it is identical to the 2017.1 final
release, unless critical issues are found.

On 2/15/17, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:
This is a bard express design issue. It is not an NVDA issue. send
feedback to the bard express team.

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