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I had this once however it totally mangled windows.
If there was no restore point I would have to reformat.
I ended up in buying my video converters eventhough they are less accessible and that they cost me over 200 dollars just to avoid the free ones with issues.
The only good news is that goldwave has a cddb reader and that handles cds in fact its what I use it for it even numbers tracks which the previous hacked nero 6 never did.
Cd burner xp is happily not full with spyware so I can use it.
Outside that I use 7zip and not winzip, cdburner xp instead of nero, goldwave instead of nero or cdex the applian converter capture suite which while it has a lot of mouse controls the converters and stuff I do use from time to time are accessible enough that once set up with the mouse and much swearing in frustration functional enough for my needs.
At any rate stuff like dvd videosoft have gone totally inaccessible and anything else we have has opencandy on it.
The licences clearly say you can opt out of their adds but you can't do this in theory you need to agree to 2 licence aggreements but a lot of those people put it into one large fat file.
If I was writing such a program, I'd have the entire thing having several licence pages to aggree to.
That way I could agree to use the program, maybe recieve their special offers in mail, since I like that but avoid all the extras installed.
And even when I was able to turn off all the extras and kill them afterwards I had to refresh firefox, and do several malware scans.
I just decided to avoid the hastle of a potential reformat everythime I install something and buy it outright.
It does mean that because of this, along with abbyy and such that I have spent over 600 bucks alone on various thing, 250 dollars of which was a waste of cash but it got me past the issues.
Its not ofcause always possible, I live at home and can afford right now to spend some of my hard earned cash, because I only pay the family 100 bucks every cople weeks board, its not going to be this way all the time.
To be honest, with things like youtube dl-g and some of the youtube converters online the only time I need my big suite is if I have to convert a video to mp3 for whatever reason.

On 16/02/2017 2:44 a.m., Gene wrote:
When I've looked at instructions for two or three programs, they tell you that you can often remove the program using Add/Remove programs. This or that program may not like traces of another program that may be left in this way but I've only heard of one such program and I've uninstalled and installed four or five antivirus programs with no conflicts. My impression is that oftenb tools require the user to do something that requires sighted help such as fill in a captcha. I try the easiest possibility first.

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In the past whenever I'm removing an anti virus program I first search
for a removal tool for the specific virus program. This way you'll have
no conflicts with new virus software.

On 2/14/2017 9:04 PM, Gene wrote:
To uninstall Avast, use JAWS, you can use a JAWS demo. then uninstall
it from programs and features. Clidck the remove button with the space
bar. When you do so dialogs will come up or something like dialogs.
they won't be quite like dialogs because they will be the Avast
installer. Tab through them and see what you want to do. I'm not sure
just what you will find or if you will come across anything you might
need help with because of not being spoken.

Also, get the unchecky utility. It doesn't know about all unwanted
programs installed with a lot of free software but it will alert you to
a good deal and allow you to avoid the installation. You may not have
an accessible way to avoid such installations so uncheckie is more
important to blind users.

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I just installed the cdex software
using the link you provided. As a warning to all of you, if you do
install this software, you might need sighted help to uncheck the option
to install recommended software, because there seems to be no accssible
way to decline it. If you do install the cd ripper as it wants, you'll
get the following additional software

avast antivirus

bite fence antimalware


advanced pc care

stack player

and your homepage will be set to yahoo web search in your default
browser. I'm still puzzling over how to remove avast, since I can't seem
to click or simulate a left click on the uninstall button, NVDA can't
seem to route the mouse pointer to the uninstall button using the caps
lock plus kp devide shortcut, but the others were easily removed.
Despite all of this, I like cdex. I don't like the sneaky bundling of
software, and I'm rather shocked that open source software would stoop
to such a tactic. I'm not annoyed at anyone hear though, I want to make
that clear but at the extra installations. I am going to install chrome
and try it out, since I did like chromium in the few minutes I played
around with it.


Kendell Clark

On 2/14/2017 9:32 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Kendell,

Welcome to Windows, and to the NVDA list!

CDex is a popular CD ripper: It looks up freedb and
others (you can set the one you want). I must admit I always just rip
to MP3 so I haven't looked into other formats with it. Just looking
at the features, you can set it to use OGG, FLAC, AAC, WMA and other

I'm not as familiar with downloading videos, or torrent programs I'm

I tend to steer clear of driver downloaders - you just don't know what
they are downloading and I think most of them cause more problems than
they solve. Mostly I let Windows manage drivers and it does do this a
lot more autonomously than it used to. Sometimes it is worth double
checking you are using the manufacturer's driver, though, particularly
for audio and video drivers and in that case, I usually go to the
manufacturer's website.

I'm not sure about that file error you're getting. AMD will be your
processor and sys means it's a system file, possibly a driver, as you
seem to have guessed, but beyond that, I'm not sure. Is anything
happening immediately prior to it crashing? I did a google search on
the filename and got nothing (5 unrelated results) so whatever it is,
it's evidently not overly common.

Speaking of the Chrome browser, you'll actually find that it works
fairly well with NVDA if you do choose to install it. The popular
browser with NVDA has traditionally been Firefox, but it can be worth
keeping Chrome around just for the odd website that works better with
one than the other. Internet Explorer still works and still comes
with Windows, even Windows 10. If you are on Windows 10, we do
support the new browser "Edge", though personally, I'd still stick
with one of the others for the most part.

If you are after a word processor that isn't Microsoft Office (MS
Office works well with NVDA, but you asked about free), Jarte is a
standalone one: otherwise, LibreOffice is a
full office suite:

If you used Audacity for audio editing on Linux, you'll find it is
available for Windows as well:

I can't think of what else to recommend off the top of my head, but
all the best with your migration and do let us know if you encounter
anything else you need help or a recommendation on.

Kind regards


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hi all

I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but I've just switched from linux,
specifically sonar gnu linux, to windows 10 full time. There are many
reasons why and I won't go into them hear since this is the wrong
but the windows blind community is just friendlier and much much less
prone to judge people based on what software they want to use, what
speech voice they want to use and so on. I was hoping you guys could
point me to some free as in price, and open source if possible,
to do the things I've gotten used to doing in linux. I'll provide
a list.

A cd ripper, preferably one that can look up info on cd databases, and
if such a thing exists, one that can look up data on audiobook cd's,
since the ones available for linux can't. It would be nice if it could
rip to opus or ogg vorbis files, preferably both, since I don't
care for
mp3 and use free to use media formats like ogg or opus for everything.
Something that can download videos from youtube, entire playlists if
possible. I've found youtube dl gui for this, but it leaves the video
and audio tracks separate, instead of combining them so I have to
manuallt delete them. An audio converter, so I can convert mp3,
m4b, etc
files into the formats I prefer to use. I've come across format
and already wrote about it hear, but it doesn't seem to handle
opus so I
may need to use something else. I've just discovered kodi, the htpc
software. Can it handle using services such as spotify, pandora and <>? I don't use any of these yet, but I'd
like to start, assuming
spotify and pandora are still free to use. Accessible torrent
I've been usint q bittorrent, and it is usable but not very
I want torrent software for legal things, not the pirate bay and such.
Even though I'm no longer using sonar I still want to support it's
torrent seeds, as well as other linux distro torrents such as
vinux and
fedora. Is there a good free program to keep drivers up to date? If
these are still needed. My computer is experiencing frequent bugcheck
screens from something called amdkfb.sys, and I thought maybe a free
driver updater would download an updated driver that would fix it.
Something that doesn't nag you to upgrade to a pro version would be
nice, and that can be run portable would be even better, but I don't
want to be picky. I'm only asking for all of these instead of doing my
own research because I'm frequently lead around in circles. Sites that
say a piece of software is free, when what they mean is free but comes
with extra stuff, free trial, or not free at all and they want you to
pay for it. Driver updaters that aren't accessible and often install
extras, such as pc care, pc cleaners, and the chrome browser. Are
good ways of avoiding these kinds of things? I'm new to windows after
being in linux for five years so I might as well be a first time
user. Thanks for any help, I'll try not to ask for this much help


Kendell Clark

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