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To be honest jean I have never thought or ever had time to do to much over things.
My theory is with my network situation that if I get a little to do things that I will eventually run sophos, with malwarebytes as backup in on demand scan mode, or something of that type but I havn't decided yet.
To be honest the amount I spend online vs what I usually do has been decreasing a lot.
Since emails or their servers have online virus checkers on those to some extent, the only thing I need to worry about bar the legal sites I visit I don't use dodgy stuff if I can help it, is my torrent and cloud shares.
Out of all these, I don't have that many, and they are from people I know.

On 16/02/2017 6:12 a.m., Gene wrote:
I'm not saying it won't happen with any antivirus programs, but I've only heard, as I said, of one program that is finnikey to that extent. I believe it's Panda but it's been many years since I've seen this discussed. I almost never see Panda discussed when antivirus programs are discussed by blind people on the lists I follow so I suspect that it is not widely used among them. It may, as with so many other antivirus programs now, not be accessible or not accessible enough to be considered desirable to use.

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About ten years ago I used add and remove to uninstall an anti virus
program and as I was installing the new virus program, I received a
message stating something about it detected a virus program on my
system and if I remember correctly, the installation was
aborted. Thats when I learned about uninstall tools.

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