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I use ublock, and noscript for addbock, better privacy for flash cookies etc.
In addition I use privacy badger which is supposed to manage sites that care about you though who knows how that works, and https everywhere which has been touted as privacy but I do think is vary good for being secure.
It does look like every site that should be legal moving to a more secured certificate approach anyway thats what all the new upgrades are doing anyway.
Its short of a vpn or something more invasive and its not going to stop me if something gets through my week msse but it makes it a bit harder.
To be honest my view is that if its getting through your firewall or antivirus or malware scanner or it even needs to get you notified about the potential thing, its allready to late.
You may be ok but they have your ip and therefore location.
We really should be focusing on keeping things from getting to the security software notification level, all the extras I have allow for more user control and some of them just work its not everyone's cup of tea, ie noscript does need you to allow sites from time to time when you know they are safe however as well as security its good as I said if you get a link you would usually have issue downloading, ie an audio or video file.
If its not able to be gotten easily you can forbid the site from loading wen you click the link.
The file comes up as forbidden.
But now its there you can do file opps on it, and the file is yours.

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I'm assuming you do use ad blockers for your browsers, or is this site
one of those who won't let you in unless you turn them off?

Ublock seems to work in firefox for me best of all as not all sites seem
to spot it yet.

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from mack
i go to this site to read articles on the
stock market. in the day time n v d a and other screen readers are
very slow to respond because of all the ads and articles constantly
coming on line. my only solution has been to wait until late at night
when activity slows down so i can read pretty well, i use chrome that
seems to work the best. i just thought there might be a few settings
i cood change to make NVDA more responsive. if i use an ad blocker,
the site eventually says take out a subscription for 9.95 i think
that's per month. any advice would be appreciated

from mack<p><br></p>

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