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NVDA does work with Microsoft Office, including the most recent Office 2016 / 365, and the latest update (the release candidate is available now and the final version is due out next week) includes some more fixes and updates for Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel this time.

Regarding voices, while NVDA comes with eSpeak, it is worth trying the "Microsoft Speech API Version 5" voices which come with Windows (particularly Windows 7 or later) as they are often suitable. Press NVDA+CONTROL+S to open the synthesizer dialog to change synthesizers (The NVDA key is usually Insert unless you set it to caps lock when you setup NVDA). Eloquence is available for NVDA if you like that synthesizer.  See: for more information on the various voices.

To get your Braille Edge 40 setup with NVDA, you need the USB drivers from HIMS, and then to go into NVDA's Braille preferences to tell it to use the device.  See the User Guide for a bit more info (and links to the HIMS drivers):

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On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 12:58 AM, Joanne Michelle Stark <Suzannegirl25@...> wrote:
Good morning. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a college student, going to school for a degree in early childhood education.
This semester, I have a couple of powerpoint presentations to deal with, and was just wondering how well the latest version of NVDA works with Microsoft Word, excel and Powerpoint, and with what versions of these products is NVDA compatible? While I primarily use pages and other Apple word processing applications, I'd like to gain experience working with powerpoint on windows, as I feel it is good to have a backup in case things go pear-shaped or in case VoiceOver does not cooperate with certain applications. also, it's good to have a backup tool to accomplish the same tasks as a way of dealing with frustration.  So, for those reasons as well as the fact I needed a gaming laptop, I'm willing to learn how to fully utilize NVDA on a windows machine. The new laptop will be here this upcoming week, and I'm trying to be as proactive as possible regarding getting things together. Oh, and also would like to get my hands on the Japanese to English translation add-on for NVDA, and the latest version of BK3.
Does the eloquence add-on work with NVDA, too? E-Speak makes my head hurt.
One more thing: What steps do I need to follow to get my Braille Edge 40 display to work with NVDA?
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