Excel command: shift+f2 edit comment

蔡宗豪 Victor Cai

Hi all,
If anyone use Excel2013 or higher version? How to edit comment?

Here is part of quote from issue 2920 comment10:

To allow for full reading and editing of comments in all versions of MS Excel, we will go with an NVDA-specific comment editing dialog which will pop up when pressing shift+f2. But even if we were to improve access to Excel in comment editing mode, we can only do this for Excel 2010 and below as Excel 2013 stops exposing text via GDI yet does not provide a UI automation implementation for comment editing.

Another issue is that shift+f2 is a Excel command, so it does not include in Commands Quick Reference.
I need to get the info from “what’s new_2014.3”.

Microsoft Excel: Provide an NVDA-specific dialog to edit the comments on the currently selected cell when pressing Excel’s shift+f2 command to enter comment editing mode. #2920

And get “report command” from Quick Reference.

To report any comments for the currently focused cell, press NVDA+alt+c.


Victor Cai

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