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Richard Kuzma

Ok, then,
Is the instructor and college or agency willing to give you a reasonable
accomadation since you are blind?
Might just want to put that out there in a nice way to see what happens.
Maybe they will make an exception for you.
If not, maybe I can load indesign here and see what I can figure out.
I am so behind on their version and so on, so you might have to refresh my
Or, better yet,
If you have it on your system, maybe we coult to a nvda remote and try it
Let me know if I can hep any way.

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As I understand it this is a classroom situation. The students have to use
what the professor tells them they have to use.

Adobe in general is not a friend of accessibility, no matter how much they
sponsor NVDA. I haven't used these two applications and don't know what
work has been done, but it could really go either way. Hopefully some one
comes up with good information.


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Hi there,
I used to do graphic design before I lost my sight and used both indesign
and quark.
They are both very graphical user interfaces.
I cant say that I have played with them and nvda,
But I cant imagin it very easy.
Why not use something like Microsoft word, or a word processor instead
is not near as graphical.
Let me know if I can help any other way.

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Subject: [nvda] Adobe in Design

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a journalism course and am encouraged to learn to work with
adobe in design. Has anyone tried working on it with NVDA and if it is
possible to do so?
It is used to design layouts for newspapers. Also there's quarkXPress
that we use for designing.
Do tell me if it's not appropriate for this list.



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